What will I get if I join? 

Support, Guidance, & Accountability:
Our goal is for you to always feel 100% supported,
understood, and be able to share what is working
and what hasn't or isn't working. You'll be able to
   contact your coach any time - and they will get back
to you within 24hrs either by email, Skype or phone.

Weekly One-on-One meetings with your coach:
You'll be able to discuss progress, improvements/setbacks,
how you're feeling, and more. The weekly meetings are one
of the most important aspects of joining Yummy Habits, since
you're able to keep track of your nutrition & fitness with your
coach frequently and review how the plan is coming along. 

100% Personalized Fitness & Nutrition Plans: 
This will not be a regimented/mandatory type of plan.
We are firm believers that what works best, is what
fits your lifestyle, preferences and goals the most. We
will create a plan that fits your goals, expectations and
that is more than anything - sustainable for a lifetime.

how much does it cost?

Lifestyle Plan:
$200USD / month
This is the best plan to sustain your
results, learn new techniques/habits,
and create a healthier and happier you.

Fitness plan:
$379USD for an amazing 8-weeks!
This is the best plan to see great and
sustainable results over the course of
the 8 week plan!

Quickie Plan:
$100USD / 2 weeks
This is the best plan to kick-start
your journey and get a taste of
the program & what it offers.

**There is no cancellation fee or recurring costs - we want you to use the program only until you're satisfied, healthy and happy with your results. 


Flexibility: You are able to speak with your coach
from the comfort of your home, apartment, drive
back from work, weekend, etc. You do not have to
go somewhere specific to meet up with us; and
this allows the both of us to maximize our time.

Cost: Having an online coach is much more
economical than having an in-person coach,
personal trainer or sometimes even nutritionist.
More importantly - we tailor everything to your
needs and goals. 

Time: We provide you with a lot more time &
support than most programs - because we care
& we want you to succeed. You have a question
at 2am regarding food prepping? Sure no problem,
you will have that answered in less than 24 hrs.
You feel dragged down by your workouts? Food,
or life stresses? We're here to help, & we will
go over these things with you over a one-on-one
chat. We don't let these things slide - & that's
why we're unique.